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Jack and Tara Dumma (‘Emoh Ruo’, Middlemount) own and operate a mixed farming operation in Central Queensland, which includes breeding, backgrounding and fattening the progeny of a 2,000 head commercial Brahman based female herd. After many crossbreeding trials to improve the profitability of our beef operation the switch was made to using Simmental Bulls. Since that time, it has been the crossbreed of choice in our operation over Brahman females. It was also the start of our love and appreciation of the Simmental Breed and led us to start Summa Simmentals.



About summa simmentals

We believe Simmentals are ‘the whole package’ and open a variety of market opportunities. They provide hybrid vigour, more muscling, higher yields in saleable beef, more productive females, and can be turned off at a younger age. We have found that the Simmental females have great natural mothering ability, are fertile, high milk producers, hardy, carry good bone and structure, and produce progeny with a calm temperament. Currently we send bullocks to processors at 300-350kg dressed weight off grass unassisted. The Simmental F1 cross reaches this goal weight at a younger age, with higher yields, therefore allowing a higher profit margin.

“We believe Simmentals are ‘the whole package’ and open a variety of market opportunities.”

Our mixed farming operation is run across two properties in the Isaac Region totalling 60,000 acres, consisting of a combination of undulating buffel fattening country and dryland farming river flats at Middlemount, and lesser quality, semi-costal, hilly breeder country at Nebo. Our cattle are required to tolerate cattle tick and buffalo fly, as well high humidity and temperatures often rising above 40o during warmer months. Our bulls also need to be able to withstand running in a herd environment with competing sires.

Both 4th generation Central Queensland cattle producers Jack and Tara share a love of the rural lifestyle, and passion for the beef industry. Jack and Tara met whilst both working in outside industries but knew ‘the land’ was where they would both return. Jack finished his boiler making trade and gained experience working on other cattle properties in the Nebo district before returning to work for the family operation in 2013. Tara worked at a local coal mine during this time, spending days off assisting her parents with their commercial beef operation.

Our aim at summa simmentals

Summa Simmentals strive to produce high quality and low maintenance bulls that are ready to go to work. The bulls are born and breed in Central Queensland using genetics that have been selectively acquired. We have sourced bloodlines from fellow Australian Simmental Studs, which take advantage of many decades of breeding, to produce an article best suited to our business and the conditions we operate in.


The main objective of our business, whether it be stud or commercial, is to breed the most efficient article to suit as many markets as possible whilst also maintaining the good reproductive capabilities of our female herd. This is where bull selection plays such an important role within any breeding program.


When selecting genetics for our program, a combination of fertility, structure, pigmentation, coat type, temperament and poll genes are taken into consideration, enabling us to produce low maintenance cattle capable of withstanding the Central Queensland climate – ‘Summa bred to handle Summer conditions’.

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