Grangeburn Simmentals

Registering the prefix in 2013, Brodhi Carracher set home base for Grangeburn Simmentals in Victoria’s south-west at Wannon, where they see extremes in season from scorching dry summers to waterlogged green winters. These conditions allow them to test the cattle year-round as to how they perform in the good times and the poor times. Based on almost 700ha of grazing country, Brodhi is currently running a commercial cow/calf operation alongside the seedstock operation of 120 registered Simmental and SimAngus females, plus the sheep enterprise producing prime lambs. No stone has been left unturned in the quest for genetics to breed the ‘right type’ for their clients, northern or southern hemisphere, if it fits it is incorporated into the herd.



About Grangeburn Simmentals

The registered herd began in 2013 and grew through the purchase of females from highly regarded cow families of leading herds in Australia as well as the purchase of Juraley Simmental herd in its entirety. From that modest start in 2013, the herd has developed with the aid of international donor females, embryo transfer and artificial breeding practices to be the 120 registered cow herd it is in 2020.

As a teenager the love for the type of cattle that Simmental were, and were becoming, intrigued me and hence the reason for developing my own herd as an 18-year-old. Since entering the seedstock world, bulls have been sold into Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia with further scope to develop a way to offer the Grangeburn genetics to the cattle industry in the north of Australia.

Further to the commitment to the Simmental breed, Brodhi embarked on an international trip to search for donor females as outcross options with increased performance and impeccable structure and type. These genetics have now landed at Grangeburn and will be due for weaning November 2020 and will be available in the future as not only new and exciting but also tried, tested and reputable.

Our aim at Grangeburn Simmentals

Grangeburn are in the industry to produce top end bulls for the astute cattlemen with value for money. The traits we select for and believe are important in almost any commercial operation are mobile, durable, easy fleshing, slick skinned and well pigmented cattle with maternal calving ease.

To allow the cream to rise to the top with the above traits in mind Grangeburn prefers bulls to be run as one contemporary group from birth through to sale with minimal grain in their diet. Our cheapest feed to produce per kilogram of dry matter is grass, so that’s what our cattle get until the scorching summer heat where they are given access to silage and low grain content pellets.

Our main aim though is to shout everyone in the cattle industry their only free lunch in agriculture, hybrid vigour delivered by Simmental bulls!

Contact Grangeburn Simmentals

  • Glenelg Highway Wannon, VIC, Australia 3301