Tullayr Simmentals

"Making your beef our Business"

Tullayr Simmentals is a family run Simmental Stud located just North of Scone in the Upper Hunter of NSW. As a family operation, George, his wife Georgia and parents Liz and Mike all contribute to the stud's success. We pride ourselves on having honest cattle with outstanding temperaments, suitable for a wide range of cattle markets.



Where it all began

Tullayr Simmentals was established back in 2001 when a passion for the beef cattle industry was realised through the purchase of our initial traditional Simmental genetics from Wondenia, Monreid and Langton Gate cow herds. Today our progressive herd has evolved to incorporate Traditional and Red Simmentals suitable for the astute commercial cattle breeder.

Located North of Scone in the Upper Hunter of NSW, Tullayr Simmentals consistently places bulls into local herds through paddock sales, whilst also selling successfully through multi-vendor bull sales into the Northern Rivers of NSW and Central Queensland cattle markets for close to a decade. Our inclusion in the Queensland Simmental bull sale further cements our commitment to the Queensland cattle market.

Our commitment to our clients

A commitment to sourcing leading genetics has led us to invest heavily in our cow herd and through ET and AI programs, we have accelerated our endeavours to deliver a product we are proud to stand behind. Our clients breeding objectives is at the forefront in our minds; meaning an animal needs the ability to get about on a structurally sound set of feet and legs, be sleek coated and well pigmented, largely polled, moderately framed with a quiet temperament. All calves are weighed at birth and along with continued objective measurements and strict physical selection, buyers can be assured we are presenting an animal that has had the guess work taken out if it.

Our quality assurance

When preparing cattle for sale, we are mindful of their destination and the commerciality behind many clients operations. With this in mind, cattle are prepared based on seasonality constraints and are never excessively fed grain. Bulls are vaccinated with, 7 in 1, Vibrio, 3 day, Botulinum and 3 germ with pesti virus tested for. Objective testing for muscling and fat measurements are recorded along with Semen motility tests.

Client satisfaction and retention through regular communication is another factor we pride ourselves on – Good – Bad – Indifferent, so please don’t hesitate to contact George for further details on our cattle and “Making your beef our Business”

Contact Tullayr Simmental

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