Glenanna Simmentals

Glenanna Simmentals is a family owned and run stud consisting of James, Maddie, and children Millie and Lucy Hannah. Based in Northwest NSW, Glenanna was established in 2013, alongside family stud Daraabah Simmentals. Our herd started off with a select few dam lines which we have progressively evolved over the years to breed modern style animals to suit today’s market.



Our Aim

At Glenanna our aim is to breed traditional Simmentals with a modern twist. This is achieved by selecting on phenotype firstly but also genotypical data, all our breeding females and stud sires have genomically enhanced data with parent verification.

We make sure to provide the database with as much information on each animal as possible by submitting birth weights, calving ease, weaning weights, yearling weights and scan data to ensure higher accuracy, predictability and reliability in what we’re producing. This in turn helps us select the traits needed to suit stud and commercial producers.

Living in Northwest NSW, we’re prone to seeing more arid environmental conditions, our herd mainly runs on native pastures, this means we have strict selection pressures, on functionality, performance and do- ability. We’re big believers in having quality dams behind the bulls we produce, our females must have inherent maternal abilities; to get in calf each year, raise a calf and maintain herself without additional support.

The traits we aim for in our bulls are growth and weight for age, structural correctness with sound feet, sleek coated and loose skinned with bone and power. We often have our young children working with and around the cattle, therefore it is very important to us that all our cattle have naturally docile temperaments.

In the 10 years we have been operating, we have successfully sold bulls into most states of Australia from Western Australia to many areas within Queensland and NSW.

Contact Glenanna Simmentals

  • 259 Merrygoen Road, Merrygoen, NSW, 2831