The Queensland Simmental Bull Sale is Australia’s largest multi- vendor Simmental Bull Sale representing studs from every mainland state in Australia combining 300 years of Simmental breeding.

To make the sale a success we understand that extremely tight vendor entry conditions are necessary to provide quality in bulls offered but also that the sale doesn’t simply become a “feeding contest”.

An overall theme underpins the sale and that is:

Participation is based on Performance

The Queensland Simmental Bull Sale runs along the same lines as other successful sales e.g. Brahman week. (If studs achieve 100% sale clearance and beat the sale average- their numbers increase in subsequent years- if not they don’t). Rather than heading to multiple Simmental bull sales across Australia to source your next Simmental sires the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale provides a high quality and diverse offering in Central Queensland.

Tightest entry conditions for any Simmental bull sale in Queensland and possibly Australia

Guaranteeing quality of product

Launching a bull sale is tricky and many have failed in the past (for a variety of reasons) but usually because the quality and volume of bulls just isn’t there. Breeders in the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale have carefully selected sires to ensure all bulls offered are at a standard desired by the commercial cattle producer. Supporting this is the vendors belief that the bulls offered need to be worthy of the time, effort and cost of cattle producers to attend the sale. This approach is reflected in the vendor commitments identified below.

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Commitment 1

Demonstrate Integrity of Bulls to provide
buyers “piece of mind”

Science and independent experts are a great way to assist in assessing the suitability of a sale bull. All bulls entered in the sale must be vet checked, DNA verified to sire, mouthed (to provide an indication of age), morphology tested, EMA, IMF, P8, Rib and Scrotal Circumference measured. Bulls are also weighed at sale location to provide buyers with a true representation of weight.

All bulls entered are 8/8 registered purebred with the Simmental Association of Australia or American Simmental Association to guarantee buyers of hybrid vigour which is critical for an F1 cross.

Commitment 2

No hoof trimming

No one wants to make a purchasing decision based on coat or feet only to find out later that the bulls presentation at sale wasn’t genuine. Animal soundness evaluations are to indicate no visual evidence of hoof- trimming on certificates. Vendor participation is also based on head and neck clipping being permitted (though not preferred).

Cutting hair from ears, under pizzle, bottom of tail and spikes on top of tail set with scissors is the preferred presentation of sale bulls for the astute cattle producer.

Commitment 3

Vaccinations are important and so is Bio-security

No one wants to introduce pesti-virus or any other disease into a breeding herd that is healthy and free from bio-security risks.  Mandatory (Minimum) Vaccinations for bulls in the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale are 3-Germ (blooded), 3- Day Sickness, 7-1, Vibro, Botulism with Bulls tested Pesti-Virus Free.

Commitment 4

A sale with a “big tail on it” is a waste of time for buyers and vendors

In no instances will a bull previously entered in another sale (or advertised for sale independently) be eligible for entry to this sale. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule and any vendor attempting to do this will be immediately removed from the sale. The tight entry conditions and theme of the sale have also been created to minimise “any tail” in bulls.

Responsibility for adhering to all terms and conditions of the sale as outlined in the commitments (identified above) and as otherwise specified are the responsibility of individual vendors. Where it can be proven that vendors have not met with these requirements they will be removed from future sales.



Rockhampton (often referred to as RockVegas) is well known as “the Beef Capital of Australia” and this is validated because it was selected as the location for Beef Australia. A major international event for the cattle industry. Our fellow cattle producers at Casino (NSW) continue attempting to claim the title of the Beef Capital for their town- they might be talking but no-ones listening and on top of that everyone knows a “Casino” is smaller than “Vegas”.

The location of the sale at Gracemere (a leisurely twenty-minute drive from Rockhampton) is perfectly situated for interstate travellers as Rockhampton also includes a significant airport with routes easily accessible throughout Australia. A visit to Rockhampton to attend the sale is also a great opportunity for the family with beaches 45 minutes away at Yeppoon or Emu Park. A variety of other tourist destinations are also in close proximity including Great Keppel Island and the historical town and mine at Mount Morgan.

Rockhampton is also home to the Stockland Shopping Center which has a variety of retail outlets offering products not available within remote Queensland. Numerous accommodation offerings exist both at Gracemere and Rockhampton suitable for most budgets.

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