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Our commitment to the beef industry is to only offer bulls we would be prepared to keep and utilise for our own operation but by also basing sales on our values of honesty and integrity.
At Mount Mooney we are committed to continue our Simmental journey, a breed that we enjoy and feel very passionate about.


TULLAYR Simmentals

How did it all start?

If it's not good enough for us then it's not good enough for our clients.

Mt Mooney Simmentals was established in 2008 after trialling many different British & European cattle  breeds in our commercial beef operation. Ultimately we landed with the Simmental breed as it possessed not only the desired attributes for our commercial beef operation but also aligned with our desire to enter the stud breeding market.

After making a number of purchases from Yerwal Estate, a friendship was formed based on a desire to breed a similar type of cattle for our programs and since that time we have collaborated where we can. Over time Mt Mooney has purchased both heifers and bulls from some of the leading Simmental studs in the country and have undertaken an extensive embryo transplant program which has already displayed some very promising results. These years of effort , hard work and genetic selection has meant that Mount Mooney now has the consistency and volume of bulls to expand nationally and we are pleased to be part of the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale in Central Queensland.

Co founder of Mount Mooney Simmentals (Quentin Mooney)  has been around cattle his whole life, growing up on the family dairy farm in the Adelaide Hills and starting his own Holstein stud whilst in primary school. Along with his wife Renee (a past racehorse track rider) the two have combined to breed a very quiet herd of cattle , share their passion and interest in farming whilst raising their two sons “Callum & Liam Mooney”.

In addition to its stud stock enterprise Mt Mooney currently runs 200 commercial beef cross breeders across two properties in the upper south east of South Australia (Tintinara). This commercial focus has enabled us to produce Simmental bulls that achieve exceptional carcass results.

Our focus

Mount Mooneys focus is to breed Simmentals for our own use, both commercially and for the stud with the goal of continually improving our herd. Our genetic decisions focus on the following traits:

  • Calving ease.  Nobody wants losses out in the paddock. The jobs tough enough without making it unnecessarily harder and lost calves means lost profit.
  • Good Temperament. It’s essential to be able to work relaxed in the yards both for farmer and animal.
  • Structurally sound. Necessary to ensure the longevity of the bull and its ability to handle a high workload. This attribute has the added benefit in the performance  of progeny by continually improving and building a strong female base.
  • Higher carcass yield. The wholesale buyers and butchers want value for money! Our own vealers consistently yield greater than 55%, maintaining the customer base.
  • Feed efficiency. The easy doing cattle are easier to pick out during the tough times. They then also stack it on, putting it into their calves during the good times.

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Please consider our offering of high quality bulls at the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale. At Mount Mooney we are committed to continue our Simmental journey, a breed that we enjoy and feel very passionate about.

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