Bonnydale Black Simmental Bulls

Increase the profitability and performance of Angus, Brangus, Bos Indicus and most other commercial cattle herds with Black Simmental Bulls from Bonnydale.

Bonnydale genetics are also desirable for the distinct advantage they bring to both Black Simmental stud breeding and commercial Simmental beef breeding programs.

Bonnydale Black Simmental Bulls for sale Australia Wide.



Bonnydale Black Simmental Bulls For Sale

Our Aim

Bonnydale Black Simmentals is a family business built on hard work, patience and dedication coupled with an unwavering and passionate commitment to both clients and the Australian beef industry. Bonnydale Black Simmentals is part of an international breeding alliance with Willie and Sharon Altenburg, Altenburg Simmental Ranch, Colorado (United States of America) with Australian operations both in Western Australia and Queensland.

All partners in the Bonnydale alliance share the same philosophies when it comes to breeding cattle and importantly performance data is shared and used to inform decision making across both states in Australia and internationally.

About Black Simmental Bulls

In the early 1990’s Simmental breeders in the United States (US) sought to make genetic changes to the Simmental Bull to capture new and emerging markets and deliver a product aligned with changing beef consumer’s needs. A grading up program was used with animals possessing the dominant black gene (originally sourced from Angus) with purebred Black Simmentals now containing at least 15/16 Traditional Simmental content. Today Black Simmentals Bulls in Australia are predominantly sort after for their solid black coat colour, polled genetics and the attributes that have made Simmental such a success over a long history of 1500 years.

Bonnydale is different to other Black Simmental Studs in Australia 

Bonnydale has a large pool of genetics working in varied climatic conditions (over 600 Black Simmentals entered on both Australian and the United States breed registers) and 1000 available recips across Western Australia and Queensland. This means that the selected 160 Bonnydale black simmental bulls for sale that are available to market each year are of extremely high quality. These same bulls align with a breeding program geared towards calving ease, efficiency in growth, early maturity and a distinct end product value.

Bonnydale animals are matched with whole herd performance measurement (utilising Breedplan), genomic testing, DNA verified pedigrees and genomic enhanced EPDs. All calves are weighed at birth and calving ease recorded. Weaning weights are recorded at 200 days  (docility is also scored) with weights measured again at 400 days. Bulls are also scanned for eye muscle area, rib and rump fat and intramuscular fat (IMF- “marbling”). All bulls have scrotal measurement taken to measure female age of maturity with cow weight and hip height measurement recorded to provide data relative to female production efficiency.

Female breeding objectives are based on temperament, functionality, the ability to raise a heavy calf and rebreed in all conditions. Bonnydale sees these attributes of paramount importance to the commercial cattle producer.

The Bonnydale herd is protected with an annual vaccination program (including 7 in 1, Vibrio, Long Range (Botulism) and Pestiguard). Bonnydale black simmental bulls for the Queensland Market are also vaccinated for tick fever, 3 day and are specially selected for QLD conditions (e.g coat type).

Find out more about Bonnydale and its unrivalled commitment to after sales service below.

Bonnydale Simmental Bulls For Sale

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