29 July 2024, CQLX Gracemere, 10am

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In 2017 a number of Simmental Breeders saw the need for one Simmental Bull sale based close to the Fitzoy Basin in Queensland. The sale provides buyers the opportunity to purchase all of their Simmental Bulls at one time saving on both travel costs and time whilst also providing access to new and varied genetics.

Foundation vendors also identified that sale conditions needed to be extremely tight to ensure that only the highest quality of bulls are offered and that ongoing participation in the sale needed to be based on performance (selling average and clearance rates).



One modern sales facility combined with some of Australia’s oldest Simmental Studs

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The Queensland Simmental Bull Sale selected the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange (formerly known as the Gracemere Saleyards) as the preferred selling complex for the sale given its closeness to the Fitzroy Basin and it’s modern facilities. The complex commenced operations in January 1953 and is situated 8 kms west of Rockhampton on the Capricorn Highway leading to the Central Highlands and the Central Western centres of Barcaldine, Blackall, Longreach and Winton.

CQLX ranks as one of the major selling centres in Australia and is regarded as one of the best and largest stud selling facilities in the country. The facility has the capacity to sell over 5000 head of cattle each week at its Wednesday Prime/Store Sale and includes a café, function room, feedlot and dedicated spelling yards.

Selling complex facilities include:


  • 42 Receival yards 
  • 54 Delivery yards 
  • 109 Holding pens 
  • 1000 seat enclosed stud selling ring equipment with automatic gates and digital screens 
  • 1 Veterinary crush [squeeze] 
  • 2 Drafts [1 presale, 1 postsale] 
  • 15 Spelling paddocks [5 acres approx. each] 
  • 12 Stud depot yards [feedlot] 
  • 1 Post sale liveweight scales [half deck] 
  • 3 NLIS scanners 
  • Plunge Dip 
  • Sealed 120 vehicle carpark 
Simmental Bull Sale location -CQLX Gracemere

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