Simmental- 1500 years of evolution and still evolving today

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Simmental- a proud history of global performance

Simmental is a breed of cattle originating from the Simme Valley in Switzerland whose history dates back to the Middle Ages when the first Simmental Cattle were produced. Initial popularity was due to the breeds suitability as a dairy, beef and draught animal and in different continents it is still used for those purposes today. In Germany and Austria the Simmental is known as the Fleckvieh and in France as the Pie Rouge. Today the breed is the second most numerous in the world (following Bos Indicus) with estimates ranging from 40 to 60 million worldwide on all inhabited continents.

In Africa, North and South America, Australia and Australasia the breed is used predominantly for beef production while its popularity in Europe is as a dual purpose breed. The adaptability of this breed along with the genetic decisions made over many years by Simmental Breeders in Australia shows when comparing the breeds sale averages and clearance rates to other Bos Taurus breeds.

Aside from the Traditional Simmental, Black and Red Simmentals have been bred selectively for different attributes. Although the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale consists of roughly 85% Traditional Simmentals, the sale is also an opportunity to purchase these other derivatives. Breeders of these derivatives include arguably the the most well known Black Simmental Breeder in the Country (Bonnydale Black Simmentals- with large scale operations in both Queensland and Western Australia) and a number of other studs with a “Red” offering.

Simmental Bulls

In Queensland, Simmental Bulls are predominantly used as a cross over high Bos Indicus content or British females to put more weight on the scales earlier. Simmental infused females are also widely appreciated for a number of different attributes.

There is no best breed of cattle- different breeds suit different markets, purposes, conditions and possess differing strengths and weaknesses. Simmental Cattle have been around since the middle ages and are working today on every populated continent of the earth. This proud history displays the versatility and commercial viability of the breed not just in Australia but world- wide. Simmental is the second oldest and second most numerous cattle breed in the world. In Australia the Simmental has evolved significantly in the last fifty years to lower birth weights (improve calving performance), increase fat and to maintain and enhance traits such as growth, temperament and mothering ability.


The Australian Simmental today differs dramatically from those in the 1980/1990s. This planned evolution has seen the breed become the Bos Taurus breed of choice to maximise hybrid vigour and get more performance from herds in cross breeding operations. 



Weaning earlier and at heavier weights

High Fertility


Better Milk Production

High Carcass Yield and Grading

Simmental Cattle Breed
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