"Our performance, your profit"

Daraabah Fleckvieh Simmental is a family operation running 120 breeders on properties at Dubbo and Merrygoen in Central West NSW . The stud was formed in 2011 after using Simmental and Fleckvieh cattle in our commercial herds since the mid 1980s. We found the South African genetics that came to Australia in the early 2000s matched our ideals. These genetics form the basis of the Daraabah herd.

Bonnydale Black Simmentals


About Daraabah simmentals

Daraabah operates on a mantra of ‘Our performance, your profit’. Our performance is based on integrity, effort, passion and progression. Your profit (gain, advantage, benefit) is our focus. In turn, that becomes our profit.

In the short period since 2011, we have strived to establish ourselves as producers of high quality, market suitable cattle. Our 2021 QSBS results and buyer feedback have been greatly encouraging and indicate that we are on the right track in producing the type of bulls that the market demands. Our bulls have successfully worked in herds from Victoria, to Bourke, to Alpha, to Charters Towers and everywhere in-between.

Our Breeding Objectives

To maximise our herd’s performance and your profit, we believe in getting the fundamentals right. Our cattle are bred for:

  • Environmentally adapted. Short, sleek, shiny coats, eye pigmentation and hooding; moderate frame size and mature weight.
  • Temperament. We have found that cattle with poor temperament are generally the poorest performers. Feedback from buyers has been very favourable to the benefits of bulls with good natural temperament.
  • Our cow herd is maintained on strict inter-calving periods.
  • Structural Soundness is a given. For us, phenotype comes first, pedigree second. We also use linear classifications to enhance our breeding selections.
  • Breed Purity to maintain herd consistency and maximise hybrid vigour for the commercial buyer.
  • Market Suitability. The market for our bulls is predominantly Central Queensland and North West NSW. We believe the bulls we are producing are very suited to these conditions and markets. Long bodied, well- muscled with enough softness to be able to finish within the market specifications.

Our quality assurance

Our bulls are prepared for sale to give them the best opportunity to showcase their potential without compromising their longevity. They are prepared on the basis that they are ‘ready for work’. We maintain our sale bulls in a grazing situation with a light supplementation to achieve the desired finish. Not ‘over-fat’ or ‘under-done’. Our bulls in the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale have their final preparation and acclimatization at JJ Fitting Service near Rockhampton for 100 days prior to sale. 

We are greatly appreciative of the support of our clients and welcome new ones, and we aim to continue to produce bulls that can take their herds to the next level.


So, whether you run a commercial or stud operation we are always more than happy to chat about our cattle so please feel free to give us a call or better still, come and visit.

  • 7R Jones Creek Road, Dubbo NSW 2830