Simmental Bulls for Sale in QLD Australia – Nominate your Simmental Stud

As at 9 November over 80 bulls have been nominated representing 12 Simmental Studs Australia Wide. Existing vendors have expressed an interest in nominating additional bulls for the sale with a number of other studs also expressing an interest to participate in the sale through word of mouth.

Simmental Studs in Australia – Last opportunity to secure a place in the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale

The number of 110 Bulls has been carefully chosen as the right number of bulls for the Inaugural Queensland Simmental Bull Sale to:

a) Make sure enough bulls are at the sale making it worthy of buyers time and costs in attendance but also;

b) To ensure that the quality of bulls remains high.

As at 9 November 2020 over 80 bulls have been nominated representing 12 Simmental Studs Australia Wide. Existing vendors have expressed an interest in nominating additional bulls for the sale with a number of other studs also expressing an interest to participate in the sale through word of mouth.

Although this has occurred the sale is seeking final expressions of interest from other Simmental Studs for participation (Traditional Simmental Bulls only) to provide a diverse variety of genetics for buyers but also to support the access of individual Simmental Breeders to an appropriate sales outlet.

It is hoped that these two actions will contribute to supporting the future of the Simmental Breed by;

a) supporting individual stud profitability by ensuring access to an appropriate sales outlet where fair market prices can be achieved; and

b) ensuring that genetically the breed continues to evolve in the right direction by providing market access to a diverse offering of genetics.

Sale entry conditions are tight and these include.

  • All Bulls registered 8/8 purebred with Simmental Australia (or Fleckvieh Association of Australia)
  • DNA verification to sire is mandatory
  • No coat clipping and no hoof trimming- No exceptions (Vet check to indicate no evidence of hoof trimming). Ideally animals will not have their head or neck shaved.
  • Vet checks, scanning and semen testing mandatory with results on display at point of sale
  • All bulls mouthed
  • 3- germ blooded, 7-1, Botulism, 3-day Vaccinated and animals tested Pesti-Virus Free
  • Meeting age and weight specifications (bulls will be weighed at the sales facility) Both over and underfeeding will be penalised. This multi-vendor sale won’t become a feeding contest.
  • The desired age of bull is 24 months old in July/August 2021. Only limited numbers will be accepted at 18 months or greater than 28 months of age at that time.
  • At that point in time EBIV information will not be used within the sale for a variety of commercial reasons. This has been supported by the first round of industry consultation (i.e. volume Simmental Bull buyers from Queensland) performed as part of the QSBS Marketing Strategy.


Registered Purebred

The requirement for all bulls to be registered purebred has been set to support the financial viability of Simmental Australia and to ensure buyers are guaranteed of the genuine article (Hybrid Vigour for Growth).

“Participation is based on performance- future increases to vendor nominations will be based on achieving a 100% clearance rate (in the ring- not outside) and outperforming the combined sales average of all vendors”.

How final vendors will be selected- Primary Attributes

  1. Quantitative evidence of genuine previous sales results- i.e. Demonstrated history in producing and selling a commercially desired product (Simmental Bull).
  2. Ability to function as an effective member of a team (support the sale, other vendors and the Simmental Breed) and to market and sell bulls in a way that reflects the integrity and professionalism of other vendors and indeed the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale as a whole.


How final vendors will be selected- Secondary Attributes

  1. Stud location. The sale does not wish to overwhelmingly reflect any one state outside of Queensland. For that reason no further allocations are available to stud breeders from NSW (that states allocation is considered full subscribed).
  2. Willingness to participate in the acclimatisation of their sale bulls in Queensland. A number of existing breeders are acclimatising their bulls in Queensland and this is a preference of the QSBS for interstate vendors.


Selection process

  1. Contact Steven Manwill (Stud Stock Marketing Services) on 0416229171 for further information on the sale in terms of entry conditions, costs and associated logistics.
  2. Email with your name (and your stud name), contact details and response to the primary and secondary attributes (keep it brief- dot points will do) by 27th November.
  3. Expressions of interest will be considered by a group of “Foundation” Queensland Simmental Bull Sale Vendors by 7 December.
  4. Nominees provided with the outcome of their submission shortly after.



A number of bull sales in the past have failed not just because the quality of bulls wasn’t there or that it was in the wrong location but because inadequate attention was paid to marketing. Aside from tight conditions guaranteeing quality in bulls a significant (and costly) marketing campaign is a strength of this sale.

The full extent of the marketing campaign is confidential to existing (paid) vendors only but at a high level includes web/digital, broadcast, print, mail out, industry consultation and a channel strategy.

Subsequently a portion of these costs have been passed onto vendors with entry fees set at $308 plus GST per bull and a once off marketing fee of $1,000 plus GST per vendor. The marketing fee includes promotion of the individual stud on the QSBS Website (Including Simmental Stud Locator) and promotion of the individual stud brand as part of the broader QSBS marketing campaign (

Key conditions

  1. Participation in the sale is entirely at the discretion of the sale.
  2. Studs not adhering to rules or conditions of the sale will be removed from subsequent sales.
  3. There is no appeals process available to nominees- the QSBS is a commercial sale and is run entirely independently of the Simmental Association of Australia (and Queensland Branch) or the Fleckvieh Association of Australia.

These key conditions are set to protect the sale and the collective of vendors.

For more information contact Steven Manwill on 0416229171 or Stud Stock Marketing Services on (07) 3063 4564.

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