Queensland Simmental Bull Sale welcomes well known Barana Simmental Stud and up and coming Glenanna Simmentals in 2024

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2024 is set to be another exciting year for commercial beef producers with another 110 Simmental Bulls nominated for this year’s Queensland Simmental Bull Sale, 27 July at CQLX Gracemere.

This year the sale is excited to welcome on board Peter and Charmaine Cook from Barana Simmentals, Coolah New South Wales. Barana have sold Simmental Bulls commercially throughout Australia for decades with Barana genetics showing on countless stud pedigrees from both ends of the country and everywhere in between.

For those who have been using Simmentals in Central Queensland for ten years or more and have kept Simmental infused females it is quite possible those genetics include Barana Earlwood.

Earlwood’s male progeny made a big impact over a number of years having gone onto stud duties in a number of locations in Queensland.

To find out more about Barana’s draft in this year’s sale, contact:

Peter Cook - 0427 775 233

Sale vendors also welcome up and coming young breeders James and Maddie of Glenanna Simmentals in their own right for the first time this year.

Glenanna focus on the Traditional Simmental which has achieved such success around the globe and many of us are pleased to see an emerging stud focussing on the Traditional Simmental. Smart choices in genetics and animal selection have seen the couple rewarded over the last few years achieving close to top price or top price at a number of bull sales and always with a 100% clearance rate.

For those in attendance at last year’s Queensland Simmental Bull Sale you may also remember Glenanna Skippy (PP) who went to Streeter Grazing (Taroom) for a sale top price of $30,000 with Glenanna averaging $18,333 for their 3 bulls.

Be sure to view the Glenanna Facebook page which includes some great images of their cattle.

To find out more about Glenanna Simmentals, contact:

James Hannah - 0488 595 992

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