TOP X Gracemere becomes selling agent for the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale in 2024!

The Queensland Simmental Bull Sale welcomes TopX Gracemere as the official Selling Agent moving forward.

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Market Summary

Gavin Tickle, TopX Gracemere

The last 3 years of the beef industry has been a rollercoaster to say the least with record highs and lows. Within the market over this period the one trend that has been consistent is the premium given to cross bred weaner/feeder cattle with 50% or greater Bos Taurus content (flatbacks).

It’s common knowledge how well Brahman cows handle the challenges the Queensland environment throws at producers. For these reasons the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale presents a wonderful opportunity for producers to diversify and aim for a higher valued market without changing their base breeder herd.

What sets this sale apart from other Simmental Bull Sales?

Brad Mullvihill, TopX Gracemere

“It’s a number of things”, said Brad. Firstly, the timing of the sale, being in late July the sale gives producers plenty of time to settle the bulls in at home before using them regardless of their joining period.

Secondly the sale terms and conditions, the unity from the vendors to meet and exceed these ensures the quality of the bulls presented are of an extremely high standard and gives buyers confident in the article they are purchasing. Follow-up and support, TopX and the sale vendors are here to support buyers post their purchase to ensure the bulls get home safely and meet expectations.

Continuous improvement & listening to feedback from the Producer. In early 2024 the sale contacted all previous purchasers from the sale (that contact details are available for) seeking their feedback on previous sales and to identify suggested improvements to the sale. Each year the sale seeks to ensure the type of bull presented is suitable to the market and that the sale experience and post-sale service is improved.

About Top X Gracemere

The TopX Gracemere story begins back in 2015 when founding principal Brad Mulvihill established the franchise. Later that year Brad purchased and merged with the well-known local agency RF Duncan & Co. Richard Thomson has been there with Brad as the business has grown and in 2022 another chapter began as Gavin Tickle joined the franchise.

The TopX Motto is “Old Values, New Ways” and nothing rings truer than this to Brad and his team.

RF Duncan & Co is the oldest registered agency in Australia, so TopX gives Brad, Gavin and Richard and the ability to honour the old values while leveraging off a vast network and modern technologies.

Brad Mulvihill is a highly experienced livestock and property agent coming from an agricultural background and holds a degree in Agricultural Management. Brad has over 15 years’ experience selling at the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange (CQLX), Gracemere and with 20+ years in the Agency business Brad is committed to being known as a high quality livestock and property agent and acting as an integral part of our clients’ business strategy.

Gavin Tickle joins Brad and the team bringing a new dimension to the TopX Gracemere franchise. Growing up on the land and accumulating over 20 years’ experience in the agriculture industry, Gavin has gained valuable skills and experience that will support you as a client. Gavin’s livestock industry knowledge extends to large scale property management and development, project management and fabrication and as a qualified plant mechanic – site equipment and machinery maintenance.

Supporting Brad and Gavin is Richard Thomson. Richard has 40+ years’ experience as a livestock and property agent and delivers outstanding results for his clients while guiding and supporting the rest of the team particularly specialising in property sales. Richard is well known in, and around central Queensland and his knowledge of the area is second to none.

Selling Agents- TopX Gracemere

Brad Mullvihill
0447 152 200

Gavin Tickle
0488 580 730

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