Australian Brahman and Australian Simmental Get Massive Exposure World Wide on YouTube

By working together Rockley Brahmans and the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale achieve over 1.6 million views on YouTube in just over 12 months showing Australian Brahman Females and a Simmental Bull. These are the kind of results normally reserved for professional “YouTubers”!

Key stats

  • Most viewed video world-wide including Brahman animals as searched on YouTube
  • Most most viewed video world-wide of Simmental found as searched on YouTube

How did it happen?

Video Playlist
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Queensland Simmental Bull Sale - Promo Video
Queensland Simmental Bull Sale - Promo Video
2022 Queensland Simmental Bull Sale 25 July CQLX Gracemere
2022 Queensland Simmental Bull Sale 25 July CQLX Gracemere
Australian Simmental and Australian Brahman
Australian Simmental and Australian Brahman


The Australian Brahman- “Saved the Northern Beef Industry”

Few would dispute that the Brahman saved the North Australian Beef Industry. The vision and commitment of many hardworking Stud and Commercial Brahman breeders over many years created the quality Australian Brahman that we have come to expect today. The Australian Brahman:

  • Leading in the Homozygous polled gene. The Australian Brahman is arguably the world gold standard in this attribute. The Australian Brahman producer chased poll quickly and has worked hard to balance poll without a loss of bone and therefore weight.
  • A carcass that has evolved and is to continuing to evolve resulting in a higher yield of saleable beef. The Australian Brahman achieves this in climatic conditions unsuitable to other breeds and with low input costs.
  • Consumer habits are changing with beef requiring less use of chemical and other inputs. The Australian Brahman- no argument.
  • Gains to fertility. Selection pressure has been applied over many years by Brahman Breeders and includes early adoption of technologies when they were previously considered not commercial to most other breeds.

The Australian Simmental X the Australian Brahman

The Australian Beef Producer needs to be pretty savvy to survive and as early as the late 1970s/early 1980s (although not widely communicated) many Brahman producers worked out that by crossing the Simmental with the Brahman not only did they get the low input and maintenance costs of the Brahman but also:

  1. Achieved faster growth. More weight sooner; and
  2. Knocked the hump off progeny meaning that calves are desired by more markets. More market demand means higher prices.

The fertility, temperament and milk production of the Simmental are all added bonuses.

Why Simmental and not another European breed for Brahman?

There are others and the Brahman hybrids but results speak for themselves. Bos Indicus, most numerous beef breed world- wide and Simmental the second most numerous. These two breeds are used independently but frequently as a cross. South Africa, South America and the United States have long known the benefits of the cross.


The right people

The producer knows what they want- let them decide. Competition is minimal between the three types of beef breeds (Bos Indicus, European and British). By working with like-minded beef producers who know that different breeds suit different conditions and markets 1 +1 = much more than 2. People involved:

  • Understood the commercial realities of beef
  • Understood fertility and the application of artificial breeding technologies
  • Realise that sometimes marketing/ promotion doesn’t have to be liked by everyone
  • Are passionate about beef and also enjoying trying new things and innovating
  • Understand how to create video
  • Know that video capture is costly but also consider that more $ spent on video means lower distribution costs.


a “considered and planned risk”

It was decided to make a video that wasn’t the same old product that as a sector we are used to- this came with a “considered and planned risk”. Industry consultation of the draft video prior to release showed:

  • No negative feedback was received on the quality of the Rockley Brahmans Commercial Females- everyone loved them.
  • Some of the older target market demographic thought that the bull serving the females was a bit offensive but surprisingly the younger female target market demographic thought it was great and that- “that’s what bulls are supposed to do”
  • It would have been better to include the end product (progeny shown at sale). This was agreed but would have added further costs to production and the budget was fully expended.

Post release of the video (Facebook, YouTube, Website):

  • Watched over 1.6 million times for over 24,000 hours (2.7 years non-stop)
  • Most popular country- India, Brazil (second), United States (sixth)
  • Most popular age bracket- 25 to 35 years.
  • Countries who once they started watching it continued to watch it the longest. Argentina and the United States (about the same)
  • Now monetised by Google. Sponsors pay to put advertisements on the video.

The Queensland Simmental Bull Sale is on Monday 25th July 2022 at CQLX Gracemere with 110 bulls carefully selected from over 2400 registered females sourced from every mainland state in Australia.

Find out more at:

Thank you to the following key contributors

Thank you to Ashley Kirk and Esteban Gonzalez from Rockley Brahmans for their valuable assistance in creating the video. Rockley Brahmans has Elite Red Brahman Bulls for Sale at Brahman Week (Gracemere), the Big Country Brahman Sale (Charters Towers) and Genetics available year-round. Find out more about Rockley and the proud history of the Kirks involvement with Brahmans at:

Thank you to Australian Brahman Breeders everywhere and particularly those who provided feedback on the video and advice on the Queensland Simmental Bull Sale. Now is as good a time as ever to join the Australian Brahman Breeders Association and get behind this great breed. Find out more about becoming a registered Brahman Stud or Commercial member at:

The Queensland Simmental Bull Sale

is on Monday 25th July 2022 at CQLX Gracemere with 110 bulls carefully selected from over 2400 registered females sourced from every mainland state in Australia.

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